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The Recon, a magazine-fed, manually cycled blaster, is a versatile and adaptable blaster. It is highly customizable, coming with a detachable barrel and stock, iron sights and a dual-purpose tactical light and laser sight. Used as a pistol, ranges are increased at the expense of accuracy, while used as a rifle, accuracy is high but at shorter ranges. Utilizing Nerf's Magazine System, the Recon can also use magazines from the Alpha Trooper, Raider, Longstrike, or other magazine-fed blasters. The internals of the Recon are simple and easily replaced with new, reinforced parts from Orange Mod Works.
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Unleashed Performance Stage 1 Kit for Nerf Recon *Clearance*
Price: $8.99

This kit includes trigger catch, 2x double strength trigger catch springs, reinforcement plate, and 5+ kg mainspring.
Unleashed Performance Stage 2 Kit for Nerf Recon *Clearance*
Price: $12.99

This kit includes metal alloy bolt sled with pin, aluminum breech with o-ring, aluminum plunger, and silicone grease.