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Retaliator & Recon MK II Plunger Brace Repair Piece (Set of 2) Core: Retaliator/Recon Mk II Hybrid System
Core: Retaliator/Recon Mk II Hybrid System
Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $50.00
Savings: $20.00
This repair set includes 2 replacement plunger braces (one for each half of the shell). Each piece is a stronger version of the stock Retaliator or Recon MK II plunger brace and can be used to repair the blaster if a stock plunger brace breaks. The Hybrid System for the Retaliator and Recon MKII provides the ultimate drop-in performance and versatility. This kit is compatible with both full-length and short darts, with power and accuracy never before seen in any other direct drop-in solution. The included 7kg spring turns your blaster into a powerhouse for any indoor/outdoor pickup game or HvZ battle. In addition, combining this system with our upcoming Fusion Kit will further push the firing performance to over 200 fps--perfect for serious hardcore modders.