Reseller Application

Thanks for your interest in becoming an official Orange Mod Works reseller! Our innovative line of products gives your organization the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the market of modding foam blasters.

To apply, please follow these simple steps:
1. Read the agreement below carefully, as it contains important rules and regulations for resellers.
If you agree to the terms, please fill out the application on the next page for consideration.
We will send you a response by email within 7 business days. If more time is needed, we'll notify you.
Once approved, you'll be able to view our reseller price list.
You must commit to an initial purchase of at least $3,000 and maintain at least $5,000 in purchases per year.
Enjoy many reseller benefits, such as low wholesale pricing on all of our products, reseller-exclusive products, early bird product samples, and (coming soon) prominent feature on our website! In addition, more benefits will be added over time.

Use of Orange Mod Works Branding


  • The use of all content and media produced and published by Orange Mod Works, including website content, YouTube videos, and social media posts.
  • The use of Orange Mod Works brand and logo to promote and advertise our products.
  • Creation of custom graphics or media using our logo and brand (subject to written approval).

NOT allowed (violation may result in termination of reseller contract and possible prosecution):

  • The use of Orange Mod Works brand and logo for the promotion or monetization of non-Orange Mod Works products or services.
  • Associating non-Orange Mod Works products or services with our brand and logo.
  • Engaging in fraudulent activities using our brand and logo.

Product Pricing & Discount

  • Prices for Orange Mod Works products may not be set at lower than 5% below the MSRP.
  • Discounts & promotions may be run for a maximum of 10 days each quarter.
  • Prior to running discounts and promotions, the reseller must notify us by completing a questionnaire that lists the products, prices and duration of the sales event.
  • Any discount you offer to your customers may not be more than 25% off of our official MSRP.

Returns & Credits

  • All returns are processed in the form of store credit. No cash refunds will be granted.
  • For non-exclusive products, returns will be granted within one year from the date of purchase.
  • For reseller-exclusive products, returns will be granted within 3 months from the date of receipt.
  • All returned products must be in working, sellable condition and in their original packaging.
  • A restocking fee may be assessed for the purpose of refurbishing incomplete products.
  • All returns are subject to assessment and approval from Orange Mod Works before store credit is issued.
  • We will cover all return shipping charges for defective products.
  • Replacement parts will be offered for any incomplete or partially defective products upon request.

Shipping & Import Duty

  • Shipments to resellers can be sent via either Air Freight or Sea Freight, depending on order quantity, volume and requested delivery timeframe.
  • Resellers are responsible for all shipping and import duty charges.
  • Resellers must supply all required import documentations prior to shipping, if needed.
  • Import duties are paid for by the reseller when the shipment arrives. It is a separate charge from shipping costs, and is paid directly to the shipping forwarder.
  • Resellers can use their own preferred shipping forwarder, but they must notify us when placing the order.
  • We do not offer drop-shipping. You must handle shipments of products to your customers.

Initial & Annual Commitments

  • Upon signing up, the reseller must commit to an initial purchase of at least $3,000.
  • The reseller must maintain an annual purchase commitment of $5,000 or more.
  • Shipping charges do not count towards the above purchase requirements.
  • Returns will not affect purchase requirements, as they will be processed as store credit on your account.

Regional Competition

  • We monitor regional competition closely, and we will do our best to give every reseller a fair chance.
  • We limit the number of resellers per region. Please check our regional map for more information.
  • We will terminate our contract with any reseller who utilizes illegal or unfair means to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Product Exclusivity & Availability

  • Some Orange Mod Works products are reseller-exclusive. Such products will be listed on our store for the sole purpose of providing product information to our customers, and we will not offer said products for sale. If you decide to carry an exclusive product, we’ll provide a link to your store from the product’s official page.
  • We reserve the right to change the exclusivity status for any of our products, at any time. However, should we decide to make an exclusive product available for purchase on our website, we will notify resellers at least 6 months prior to the designated date of availability. Resellers will have the option to return units of the said product within that 6-month grace period.
  • We may give away exclusive products as gifts and prizes for our promotional events.
  • Product availability is subject to change. Once a bulk order is placed, we will notify you if there is an issue with inventory.

Technical Support & Customer Service Requirements

  • You must provide adequate customer service and technical support to your customers that purchase Orange Mod Works products.
  • You may not refer your customers to us for any order, refund, or replacements issues.
  • You may, however, direct your customers to us for general questions regarding products, as well as technical support inquiries that you are unable to answer.
  • We may terminate our reseller contract with you should we find that your level of support is inadequate to uphold our standards.

We reserve the rights to the following:

  • We may reject any reseller applicant that we see fit.
  • We may terminate a reseller for any reason.
  • We may update product information, price, availability and exclusivity at any time and without notice.
  • We may deny service or sale of any product to a reseller for any reason.
  • We may deny return requests from resellers for any reason.

Non-Disclosure Clause

  • You may not, under any circumstances, publicly disclose any information regarding upcoming Orange Mod Works products, concepts, or prototypes without prior consent.
  • You may not, under any circumstances, publicly disclose wholesale prices for Orange Mod Works products.
  • You may not, under any circumstances, publicly disclose any information regarding our terms and agreements with you, as well as any deals or specials you may receive from us.