Orange Mod Works

It's not just about surviving a zombie outbreak...

It's about surviving a zombie outbreak with style.

Jim and I were sick and tired of having to do the old "run like mad and shoot when you get a chance" routine, so we turned to our trustworthy Internet for ways to buff our blasters. We just had to find a better and more efficient way for taking out zombies, lest one day they finally get lucky and annihilate us.

Not long after our initial attempts at modding blasters did we realize that in order to push the limits of our guns' performance, we needed more than just brass tubes and strong springs. If we wanted to relax in lawn chairs during a zombie outbreak with nothing more than some cold drinks and buckets of ammo, we had to somehow enhance the blasters' mechanical parts.

After months of working in our crudely set up garage factory while barely fending off the encroaching zombies, Orange Mod Works was born.

Our mission is to provide you with the parts you need in order to transform your blaster into a high-performance dart slinging machine.

Never again will you be constantly looking over your shoulders with fear...

Never again will you wake up in cold sweat from a nightmare, wondering when your time will come...

Join us on our quest to obliterate zombies by the droves. Our goal is total eradication.

Only one question remain... Are you game?