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Longshot Pusher Breech
Longshot Pusher Breech

Price: $19.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks


*The image is a CAD rendering; the actual part will be CLEAR.

Note: This is a 3D printed part and is made to order. As such, there is a longer than usual processing time after an order is placed before the part can be shipped. Please see below for the current turnaround time.

Current turnaround time: ~3 weeks

This is a SLA printed pusher breech for a pusher-style Longshot build and is designed to form a nearly perfect seal with 17/32-inch barrel material. This pusher breech is compatible with both 17/32-inch brass and the OMW Workshop 17/32-inch aluminum barrel. The dual o-ring seal ensures that there be little to no air leakage past the breech when using extremely heavy aftermarket springs like the OMW Workshop 20kg spring. The o-ring seal is designed to work with the OMW Workshop aluminum plunger body but is compatible with both stock and OMW Stage 2 bolt sleds. The pin hole in the breech is the same as the stock breech.

Please note that this 3D printed breech is susceptible to abrasion so take extra care to sand any rough edges that may be present in your barrel of choice so that the seal does not degrade over time. The more polished and rounded the inner edge of your barrel is, the longer the breech will last. The o-ring grooves are tricky to print and there could be variations and artifacts in this area. The grooves will be cleaned and finished to the best of our ability, but Teflon tape may be needed to get a perfect seal. Unlike with the plunger head, it is okay to have higher friction between the breech and the plunger tube.


  • Durable SLA printed material·
  • Near perfect seal when used with 17/32-inch barrel tubes
  • Compatible with a variety of magazines

3D printed part warning:

This is a 3D printed component and is intended for the serious hobbyist. This is not meant to be a drop in part and there may be variations in surface finish as well as dimensional quality. The end user may need to cut, sand, and/or modify this printed part to achieve their desired fit and/or finish.

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