Project Orange FAQ

What is Project Orange?

Project Orange is a crowd funding site specifically for foam blaster modding products. It’s part of the Orange Mod Works brand and is our latest initiative to serve the modding community.

Why is it necessary?

Orange Mod Works is a small company operating on a limited budget. Before Project Orange, we decided internally what upgrades to develop and for which blasters. In some cases, we created kits so popular that we couldn’t keep up with the demand. But we also made a few major blunders along the way. The point is that we’re not always right in guessing what modders want. With Project Orange, we can now let you decide what upgrades we should make. The number of units required to reach “Funded” status on a project represents the seed capital necessary to start production. If a project doesn’t fund successfully, we’ll know it’s a flop and won’t pursue it. This way, we save valuable time and resources to work on products that more modders want. With the help of Project Orange, we expect to be able to release better products at a faster pace in the future.

How does it work?

If you’re interested in one of our currently active projects, simply click the “Pick This Project!” button and follow the checkout instructions to reserve your spot. Each project offers incentives for pickers, such as promotional patches, special orange triggers, discounts, etc. Check out the project pages for more information!

When will I be charged after I pick a project?

You will only be charged if and when the project reaches “Funded” status. The number of units required for each project varies, but it is always clearly denoted on the project picker status bar near the top of each project’s page (right under the video).


In this case, you will only be charged if total units picked reach 300 within the next 69 days. Otherwise, you will not be charged. If you see a “pending” charge before the project is funded, rest assured that it will NOT settle and will disappear on its own within a few days. This is a pre-authorization of your credit card to make sure that it is valid and can be charged if the project successfully funds.

If you pick a project that has already reached “Funded” status, you will be charged within 1-2 business days.

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently, only credit/debit cards are accepted. Unfortunately, Paypal is not supported by the crowd funding platform we use to run our projects (Celery).

Is shipping cost included in the picker price?

No, the picker cost is for the item only. Whenever a successfully funded project is finished and ready to ship, you’ll be emailed a code to redeem the kit on our website. At that time, you’ll be able to calculate the shipping cost during final checkout.

The reason we don’t collect shipping costs upfront during the project funding phase is twofold:

1) We are not always sure how much the final product will weigh when it’s still early in the development process.

2) Months can pass between when you pick the project and when the item is ready to be shipped, and you may have moved during that time span. To reduce the number of lost and returned packages, we give customers a chance to check out with their current shipping address when the item becomes available.

When you’re redeeming a Project Orange code, you can add other items to cart or redeem multiple codes at once to combine shipping. Project Orange redeem codes never expire.

Is it possible to get an estimated shipping cost for a project?

Below you’ll find the estimated shipping cost for one unit of a standard project (kit with 6-15 parts) for each region:

USA: $6-10
Canada & Mexico: $15-20
Everywhere else: $25-30

Please note that these are very rough estimates and are subject to change. As explained above, it is very difficult to gauge shipping weight for an unfinished product. Smaller items (springs, triggers, etc.) may cost less and more comprehensive items (kits with 20+ parts) may cost more.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Per state law, Texas residents will be charged 8.25% state sales tax on top of the item cost when you pick a project. You will not be charged any additional sales tax when you redeem your code (unless you add other items to cart).

Residents of other states or outside of the USA will not be charged sales tax.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order up until it becomes funded. Once a project is funded, all orders are charged and the funds will be used to develop the product. Due to the crowd funding nature of Project Orange, refund requests received after the project is funded are considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

If your debit/credit card is declined during payment collection, you’ll be notified via email. You’ll then have 7 days to update your payment information. We’ll try to collect payment again after 7 days, and your order will be canceled if payment is declined again. This deadline may be extended on a case-by-case basis.

Can I still pick a project if it’s full or if its deadline has passed?

Slots may open up after a project is full or has passed its deadline if there are canceled orders/declined payments. However, we can’t guarantee this.

Due to script limitations, the “Oranges Picked” counter can no longer reverse after a project ends, so it may not be an accurate representation of how many actual spots are left. The best way to check if spots are available is by clicking the “Pick This Project!” button and see if the system will allow you to check out. If no spots are open, the “Add to Order” button on the subsequent popup will be greyed out and not clickable.

A product I’m really interested in didn’t fund successfully. Will you still make it?

If a project doesn’t fund, it’ll be canceled and you won’t be charged. That’s not to say we’ll never make the product in the future, but it does mean that it’s economically impractical to move forward with this particular project for the time being.

While we market every project to the best of our abilities, we ask that our pickers help spread the word as well. A project is much more likely to be successful if we make a collective effort to reach potentially interested individuals.

How do I check the progress of a funded project?

You can check the status of a project at the bottom of its page. Each step will light up when it’s currently ongoing or already completed.

Sometimes you’ll see a project “jump” several steps at once. This is because our manufacturer doesn’t always provide us with exact updates on their progress, so it’s not that out of the ordinary for an update to be received when several steps have been completed.

We won’t bug you every time the project moves forward a step. As long as the project is on track to make its estimated shipping date, we will not be sending out updates. We’ll only email you if there’s a substantial delay to the timeline due to production or logistic issues.

What happens if the product cannot ship by its shipping deadline?

If a product cannot make its shipping deadline, you’ll be notified via email. At that time, you’ll be automatically refunded if the project is dropped for any reason. If the item in question is still in production but is facing a delay, you’ll still have the option to request a refund. But if you wish, you can keep your order and consent to the new deadline we set.

Note: shipping deadline is defined by the date the redeem code is sent to you and the corresponding product is in stock/ready to ship within our standard processing time of 1-3 business days. It’s not the date by which the item has to be received by you.

Will you ever bring back a project that was not successfully funded?

Most likely not, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never bring a failed project back. We might relist an old project if we feel that it now has a better chance of getting funded due to a change in circumstances. For example, if the project was for a discontinued blaster but Nerf decides rerelease it. Or, if we have a reseller who commits to a large number of units, thus giving the project the head start it needs.

How can I submit my own project?

Currently, project submissions are invite-only. We’ll open up submissions to the general public in the future, and more details will be posted here when that time comes. Right now, there’s no ETA on when we’ll start accepting public submissions.

When will the product be available for purchase in your store after it’s funded?

Generally, a product will be made available for purchase 1-2 weeks after all picker orders have been fulfilled. It’ll continue to be sold and restocked as long as it remains economically feasible to do so.

Can OMW gift cards be used on Project Orange projects?

No. Project Orange is a crowd funding platform, and new funds are needed in order to start production on its projects.