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This kit adds the slamfire function to your Retaliator or Recon MK II. It’s compatible with any pump grip kit, as well as our Retaliator Hybrid and the upcoming Fusion upgrade systems. We recommend using a spring that has a compression load of 7kg or less with this kit.

Note: If used with a stock bolt sled, a small snip is required to create clearance for this kit to function properly.

Slamfire Capability in Retaliator and Recon MK II

Reliable Rapid Firing for Any Situation

Andrew loves designing and prototyping new ideas just to see if they will work. He went to study engineering at Durham University with a bit of entrepreneurial business coursework on the side. Combined with his love for Nerf and 3D printing, he started Atch Attachments to make quality and innovative Nerf accessories and kits. He’s come up with many designs, such as the 8-shot Hammershot cylinder and the auto-Rayven kit. His current favorite blaster is a brushless Rayven, but he feels the most comfortable in HvZ using his trusty slamfire Retaliator and a chest full of mags.

Visit him on Facebook.