What is Project Orange?

Project Orange is the first crowd funding site for Foam Blaster Modding. It allows modders to submit their ideas and bring them to fruition through our extensive production and distribution resources. Project Orange also allows us to expand our creative process and bring our products to market at a faster pace.

Why is it necessary?

It has always been our main mission to keep bringing fresh and exciting mods to our fans. We love doing it! However, many of our projects and ideas do not see the light of day. This is because we are a small company operating on a limited budget. If we bet wrong on just one product, it could have devastating effects on our operations. Having to pick and choose what might be successful also limits our creative process. Nor do we want to run pre-orders and end up committing to unpopular projects. This platform will help us avoid all of this.

How is it different from other crowdfunding sites?

We will be carefully reviewing all submitted projects, and only choose ones that pass our rigid feasibility guidelines. We’ll also further fine-tune and revise ongoing projects to make sure they are production ready before launching them on Project Orange. Projects listed with us are fully developed and should require only minimal revisions going into production. Once funded, the production and logistic phases are supervised and guaranteed by Orange Mod Works. Should the project fail to ship before the delivery deadline, Orange Mod Works will guarantee a full refund for all backers.

How does it work?

Simply “pick” a project you would like to fund. Understand price per unit, or “price per orange,” and total units this project requires in order to get funded. Browse through all base and bonus gifts that you will be receiving. Also, pay attention to the funding deadline so you don’t miss out on the chance to fund the project!

When you are ready to commit, hit the “Pick this project!” button and follow the checkout instructions.

Unless the project is fully funded, you will not be charged. Your funds will be returned to you should the project fail to meet its goal.

Once the project is funded, you will be receiving a coupon code to redeem the item when it is released on our web store. Each project also has an estimated shipping date and a delivery deadline. If the product hasn’t been shipped before this deadline, all pickers will receive a full refund.

All funded projects will continue to be sold on our web store as long as it remains economically feasible to do so.

How do I submit a project?

To submit a project, use the “Submit Project” web form located in the dropdown tab under Project Orange. Make sure you provide as much details and pictures as possible. CAD, design files, or prototypes are required. Submission is currently unavailable and will be announced at a later time.