Orange Workshop - Mega Cycloneshock Barrel Modification

Added 12/7/2015

You will need a 3D printer and some basic hand tools to finish and fit these parts. Download the 3D printer files here.

The bracket and spacer set helps convert a Mega Cycloneshock to shoot standard streamline darts. The “back support” needs to be printed 6 times. The holes for the brass tubing are slightly oversized in the 3D files to compensate for the shrinkage that occurs as the filament cools. Hot glue should be used to seal the space around the barrels. These parts were printed and tested in PLA, but ABS, PETG, or any other rigid material should also work.

To finish this mod you will need:

  • 17/32 inch brass tubing cut into 6 equal lengths with the ends sanded smooth
  • Hot glue
  • Sandpaper
  • File
  • A well-calibrated 3D printer

Our goal is to help the modding community by releasing DIY 3D printer files for anyone who wants to use or modify them. We'll continue adding to the library as we work on new projects. We hope these are helpful!