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Retaliator, Recon MKII, Rampage, Elite Alpha Trooper, Sharpfire, Doominator, Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster, Mega Bigshock, Grip Blaster, & Ionfire Upgrade Spring (5+ KG)

Price: $7.00

Availability: Currently Unavailable

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The spring has a power output of over 5 kilograms (2.5kg stock) and will bring the muzzle velocity of your blaster up to 100+ feet per second while maintaining the ease of use.

Compatible With:

  • Retaliator
  • Recon MK2/MKII
  • Rampage
  • Elite Alpha Trooper
  • Sharpfire
  • Doominator
  • Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster
  • Mega Bigshock
  • Grip Blaster
  • Ionfire
Disclaimer: Mod at your own risk! Increasing the spring tension can break or damage the stock internal components of your blaster. By purchasing, you agree not to hold Orange Mod Works liable should this occur. In addition, some blasters are extremely hard to reassemble, and we won't be able to troubleshoot problems due to user error.


Current status:
Product Launched

Design changes:

Product Revisions: None

Current issues: None

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