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Longshot Upgrade Spring (10+ KG)

Price: $15.00


Description Troubleshooting

With this 10kg spring, the Longshot can achieve 80-100 fps and shoot up to 70-75 feet flat.

All fps/range tests were conducted with the air restrictor removed and no other modifications.

Compatible With: Longshot and Zombiestrike Longshot

IMPORTANT! The stock trigger catch spring had trouble holding back the 2.5x spring, so be prepared to replace or double up on the catch spring. The stock Longshot bolt sled is much flimsier compared to that of the Recon and other CS series blasters, and it is already showing signs of wear after only a few shots. This spring will require two hand priming if you have a stock bolt sled.

Disclaimer: Mod at your own risk! Increasing the spring tension can break or damage the stock internal components of your blaster. By purchasing, you agree not to hold Orange Mod Works liable should this occur. In addition, some blasters are extremely hard to reassemble, and we won't be able to troubleshoot problems due to user error.

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