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20+ KG Upgrade Spring for Nerf Longshot

Price: $20.00

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Description Specifications

Core Overload: Longshot 20 Kg

Long story short, this spring is a monster. Seriously. You may want to add a foot stirrup to the front of your blaster if you are using the stock priming bolt, because 20 kg roughly converts to 44 pounds of draw weight! You are entering the danger zone with a true compression load of 20.47 kg, and no, you can’t one hand prime with this installed.

This spring is for advanced modders whose other hobbies may include casually performing heroic feats of strength and wearing safety glasses as an everyday fashion accessory. In our test with a fully customized Longshot, we experienced muzzle velocities of 250+ fps on average.

WARNING: This spring is for advanced modders only. In other words, it's intended for those who understand the risks involved with using a spring of this power output. Simply swapping this spring for the stock one CAN and WILL break your stock AND basic upgraded parts over time, including parts from our kits.

Compatible with:

  • Longshot
  • Zombie Strike Longshot
Disclaimer: Mod at your own risk! Increasing the spring tension can break or damage the stock internal components of your blaster. By purchasing, you agree not to hold Orange Mod Works liable should this occur. In addition, some blasters are extremely hard to reassemble, and we won't be able to troubleshoot problems due to user error.

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