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The Retaliator is a manually-cycled blaster that feeds from a 12-round, single-stack magazine. It is a modular blaster that can be customized to fit different roles and is compatible with all CS system magazines. Included with the Retaliator is a fixed stock, barrel extension with front sight, and vertical foregrip. Used as a pistol, ranges are increased at the expense of accuracy; used as a rifle, accuracy is high but at slightly shorter ranges. The Retaliator features a direct plunger system allowing for more usable air volume and greater power than its predecessor. The internals of the Retaliator are simple and easily replaced with new, reinforced parts from Orange Mod Works.
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Unleashed Solid Stage 1 Kit for Nerf Retaliator
Price: $12.99

This kit includes trigger catch, 2x double strength trigger catch springs, reinforcement plate, and 5+ kg mainspring.
Unleashed Solid Stage 2 Kit for Nerf Retaliator
Price: $24.99

This kit includes breech, plunger rod, bolt sled with pin, metal trigger with trigger spring, silicone grease, and two o-rings.
Unleashed Solid Stage 3 Kit for Nerf Retaliator
Price: $29.99

This kit includes Sealed Breech Chamber, Extended Barrel and Assemblies and 7Kg+ Mainspring.