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2x O-Rings for Nerf Recon, Longstrike, Raider, Deploy, Maverick, Sharp Shot, & Spectre
Price: $1.00

O-rings are essential in maintaining the air seal in your blaster. Over time, they can wear out and deteriorate, allowing air to escape the plunger and dramatically reducing range and muzzle velocity. Occasionally replacing the o-rings in your blaster will help keep it consistent in range and power.
Silicone Grease Tube (10g)
Price: $2.50

If your blaster isn’t priming as easily as you’d like, a touch of silicone grease applied to your moving parts helps smooth the action.
Silicone Grease Tube (10g) & 2x O-Rings
Price: $2.99

With this package, you'll receive 2x O-rings and 1 10 gram tube of Silicone grease.